The RING Video Doorbell does NOT charge when hardwired

Battery Drained

Let me start off by saying the RING Video Doorbell 2 is a great product. It has performed up to par when charged. We have hardwired the device to our existing doorbell wiring (diode) which should provide consistent charging.

However, after 3 months of installation, we noticed how quickly the battery was draining so we took a few measures to see if that would help by limit the motion sensor notifications and reduced the motion range. This did not seemed to help and we would have to recharge the battery every 2 weeks or so which was annoying.

I have also tried wiping the wires and reconnecting and even switching the connections. There’s no difference which wire goes is connected to which screw on the back of the RING and I’ve tried both with no success.


Customer Service – 1st Call

Since I was still well within my 1 year warranty, I gave the RING customer service a call and explained my situation. The entire call took about an hour before we THOUGHT the issue was resolved.

Here is a series event from the conversation:

  • The technician reviewed the history and logs to determine when the device stopped charging. This took a good 15-20 minutes since there were many recordings and lucky enough within the 6 month archive, he was able to identify the date/time when it stopped charging.
  • Next, we went through a series of steps in which we were taking the RING Doorbell on-and-offline to reset the device and the LIVE view allowed the technician to get a real-time status read on the health of the device. Followed with a bunch of “pressing the door bell” to see if it triggered the chime inside the home with no success. This went on for a good 20-25 minutes.
  • Then we wanted to make sure the home doorbell wiring was good so taking the two ends and making it touch immediately triggered the chime so we knew there was no issue with the home wiring.
  • The technician then escalated the issue to a senior technician and they were able to determine that a recent firmware update caused the issue we’re experiencing. The reasoning was that the RING video doorbell 2 device was not compatible and a firmware rollback was required.
  • Therefore a firmware rollback was performed and within moments, the doorbell chime in the home worked and we thought that was the end of it since we thought the connection is working.

After an hour, I checked the RING app to discover the battery life was still draining from 24% to 20% and there has only been 1 motion sensor activity. I quickly check the doorbell and it stopped working again. I quickly called RING customer service and asked for the same technician who called me back within 15 minutes.

Customer Service – 2nd Call

Luckily this time around, the technician acknowledges that we may need a replacement device since we’ve done all we could. They would provide a return label (via Fedex) once we receive the new Ring Doorbell. The technician also mentioned that any saved videos could be merged as long as the location/device names are not changed.

The Replacement

Within a few days, the replacement arrived and to my amazement there’s a slight difference. The security screw that goes on the bottom of the RING Video Doorbell 2 is a bit larger. They also provided the new screw driver.

The Installation

There was not much to it, except we took the two wires and tighten them against the two screws in the back of the RING Video Doorbell 2.

Final Thoughts

It has been smooth sailing so far, and the battery life has remained at 100% since the installation of the new RING Video Doorbell 2. Only time will tell if it would hold up. I will continue to update this blog if anything changes. One thing to note is that I had an idea that we would end up getting a replacement since many people on the Internet has reported the same issue. Hopefully this newer version will last.

Let me know your thoughts and comments below!


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  1. I prefer doing the repairing stuff myself by learning from internet rather than waiting for the customer service to answer the queries. The reason why I do this is because it really consumers a lot of time to go through the other process!

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