How to Properly Acclimate your New Fish

The purpose of the acclimation process is to ensure your fish is safely introduced into its new home. The water in the bag that the fish arrives in has different water parameters than your aquarium water such as temperature, salinity levels and pH than your aquarium. By slowly acclimating the fish will reduce any sudden … Read more How to Properly Acclimate your New Fish

Advance Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

If you are an extremist with extra money to spend, these items can be very beneficial to your aquarium setup. With proper maintenance and good water quality, some of the most outstanding aquariums could survive without these equipment. Reverse Osmosis Deionized System (RO/DI Unit) Making Pure water is important In the marine or saltwater hobby, … Read more Advance Saltwater Aquarium Equipment

Intro to Saltwater Aquarium Equipment Equipment are different Generally speaking, saltwater/marine aquariums require more attention due to the sensitive inhabitants which exists in the hobby. Here are the basic equipment which are needed to operate a salt/marine aquarium. Hydrometers and Refractometers Hydrometers and Refractometers are both measuring devices for estimating the salinity levels in your aquarium. For the marine/saltwater … Read more Intro to Saltwater Aquarium Equipment